What Jay remembers as the story so far.
He may be very very wrong.

Okay, so, starts out in a tavern, like any good story. Go wandering randomly looking for some people sellers, get caught in an owlbear cave, gain squiggles. Lose party member of a dude riding a turtle. Go to a mages house, find some books. Lartium saves daylen with some sweet cool rope skills, end up going down the damn hole anyways. Get transported to….fey…I feel like that is where we went. Go on Ryhs backstory mission, save the town and stuff, kill some dragons, wander way to much, get enticed by a stupid non magic tree, Wait. that happened after Lartium made a friend, thissle, or something like that. went in the fire place, and then found friend, then killed some spiders with fire, OH WAIT WE WENT TO HELL FIRST! Lartium still wants to go back to help that witch out that helped them escape. That is were the portal in the room lead, it was hell, we did not belong there. But did the hell thing, then did the fey thing. Yea, and the from hell we went to sigil, that is where lera met the ooze guy, and Lartium got his books.

Basically I remember the story as where laritum got books from.

So did the sigil thing, oh yea, squiggles got armour.


Jay DM’s (For the first time and doesn’t murder the party due to not describing things)

Group meets Zanovar, a lovable guy. Lera gets lizard, party gets other things.


Now they go to the fey for Rhys, do the whole story there, kill the dragons and stuff, once again, way to long exploring and not enough actually doing stuff that matters. haha. Sort out the bubble town and then go back to sigil.


Jay DM’s (Second time, not nearly as well planned as the first on Jay’s part, and murders not the group but characters it what was ultimately a terrible way to die.)



So this is where we currently sit. I have more in my mind, but this was just the start of it, I will add and stuff to get a better story line.

Uncovering the Sand Caves

We finished digging out the caved-in corridor with the dwarven miners. The corridor beyond was cold, quiet and sandy, with small, smooth burrow-like holes dug through all of the walls. The ground went from sandy dirt to knee-deep, with several patches of quicksand pulling towards the center of the room. This appeared to be a central camp for the mine at some point, but since then has been buried in sand.

Daylen got stuck in quicksand, and Lera managed to pull him out. Then Garbus charged into the middle of it, and shook more sand out of the walls. We found several crates full of supplies in the corridors, including one that held strange antler-like twisted chunks of ore, some kind of explosives, personal belongings, and a pouch of odd brittle coins marked on one side with a scarab with open wings, on the other side with a head crowned with rows of horns.

As we were sorting through the crates, there was yelling from the corridor we came from. Daylen and Zod ran back to find one unfortunate dwarf being devoured by fire beetles that fell from tunnels in the ceiling. Sand is now trickling from the ceiling, and the caves are filled with the eerie red glow.

The Story So Far: Avernus & The Wizard's Lab

We went places and did things. I’m going to edit this post later.


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